John began as a one-man architectural firm in 1992, working on mostly local projects. Over the last 25 years, the firm has grown to encompass work in more than fifteen states. Repeat clients and word-of-mouth are the backbone of our practice: we create incomparable value for the automotive industry, creating working environments that emphasize functionality, space dynamics and brand identity. We are helping our clients build the dealerships of their dreams throughout the Western United States, the Midwest and Florida. Our project management team has over 100 years of combined experience in many types of commercial work, including office, retail, restaurant, mixed-use, and industrial and automotive sales and service. Our project managers apply their expertise and design acumen to all parts of the project, from overall land planning, down to the detailing of material transitions. We pride ourselves on understanding local codes, thorough research of municipal entitlement procedures, and a highly efficient, finely-honed design process that yields timely project realizations.

John Mahoney


John Mahoney

Jennifer Smithey

Senior Project Manager

Garry Brinkley

Project Manager

Travis Muilenburg

Project Manager

Roseanne Finley

Business & Operations Manager

Gina Salinas

Administrative Assistant


The team approach brings owners, occupants, architect and contractor together at the beginning of the process to define project goals. From there, the team establishes a project program, which includes parameters, budget, objectives and vision, and the project program guides the design process, while continuous communication creates successful projects. There is one project manager throughout the process who ensures continuity of process and understands a project and its many evolutions. Committed principal involvement throughout ensures the highest standard of care.


During programming, we study information about the owner and business users, the site, the budget and the schedule. We develop a clear understanding of our client’s immediate and future space needs.

After we establish a program, we begin to imagine the possibilities for our project. We take our client’s vision and ideas and filter them through the prism of the program to define strategies and outcomes.

We take the concept plan a step further and establish the design aesthetic. We study the interior and exterior relationships and research space functions. Open collaboration with our client, the building users and the engineering team shape the details of the vision. Design concepts are workshopped and refined. Initial plans are reviewed by the permitting authority, and final design takes shape.

Ideas and dreams are committed to paper. The Project Manager coordinates with all parties to ensure objectives are made and deadlines are met. Plans are finalized and submitted for approval from the permitting authority.

After permits are issued, construction and architectural oversight begins. Our architects work in step with the general contractor to provide guidance and to ensure the project is built according to the owner vision.